Patrons who turn out to witness what promises to be an epic clash between Arnett Gardens and Boys' Town in the final of the Jamaica Yellow Pages Kingston and St Andrew Football Association Jackie Bell Knockout final tonight at the Waterhouse Stadium, will get more than they bargained for as the match will be preceded by a St George's Old Boys' Invitational team taking on a Combined team of Masters, Celebrities and Entertainers in the 5 p.m. curtain-raiser.

These players will include Nick Ziadie - son of the late Dennis Ziadie - who will captain the St George's Old Boys' Invitational team, Glenroy Brown, Kippi Chin, Hugh 'Bingy' Blair, Lincoln Taffe, Byron Earle, David Laylor, Mark Miller, Tony Barnes, Alicia James, Natasha Vincent, Elvis Clarke, David Williams, Nicholas Murray, Peter Grant, Nesbeth, Mega Banton, Livingston Scott, Chris Martin, Wayne Marshall and Phillip Riley.

The teams will vie for the Dennis Ziadie Cup, in honour of the former national football coach. Winthorpe 'Jackie' Bell and Ziadie passed away two and a half decades ago, after being involved in a fatal motor-vehicle accident on their way back to their hotel after watching a quarter-final match between Brazil and France at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico City.

Ziadie (Dennis) played for the local and legendary Santos Football Club in the 1970s and '80s and on the St George's College Old Boys' team, before turning his attention to the national programme.

Similarly, Bell played for the St George's College Old Boys' football team and later coached Santos, while Ziadie was a player.