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About St. Kitts and Nevis

Population: Estimated at 51,538

Size of island: St.Kitts is 163 sq miles and Nevis is 58 sq miles

Language: English

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Government: Parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm

Overview: Saint Kitts and Nevis were among the first islands in the Caribbean to be settled by Europeans. Saint Kitts was home to the first English and French colonies in the Caribbean, and thus has also been titled "The Mother Colony of the West Indies." The capital city and headquarters of the government is Basseterre on the larger island of Saint Kitts.

The two islands are separated by a 3 km wide channel called The Narrows; on the southern tip of long, baseball bat shaped Saint Kitts, lies the Great Salt Pond; Nevis Peak sits in the center of its almost circular namesake island. Nevis is approximately 3 km from St. Kitts. There are numerous rivers descending from the mountains of both islands and St. Kitts has a small lake called Lake Alden which is named after its founder.

St. Kitts is 69 square miles with its highest point being Mount Liamuiga at 1156m while Mount Nevis is the highest peak on Nevis. Geographically they are located within the Leeward Islands.

Main Industry: Tourism, agriculture, light manufacturing